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A Word About Covid-19

As of mid-March, both locations of Preventive Dental Hygiene Care have been closed, just as many other dental offices. Just like many of you, it is hard to know what to say to each other. We feel odd to ask each other, ‘How have you been?’. I hope you and your family have been well, and I thank you for following the recommendations of our government to isolate and be cautious, to avoid spreading this virus. 

My new normal is waking up late, being a teacher to my two children – I am becoming a whiz at signing up for new apps!, sewing handmade masks, installing a replacement dental chair in Smithville, packing porch pick-ups of dental products, stoning a fireplace (yep – by myself), and gardening. I have also been researching and following developments in the dental and medical world surrounding the Covid-19 disease and opening safely. Add to that, some long-overdue projects like my website, and treatment flow plan, to reinvigorate how I practice dental hygiene, and ensure even 

better oral health outcomes! 

Well, we are now on Week 8 and closed businesses like mine, are starting to see the light! Although dental offices remain closed for non-emergency care in Ontario, we are starting to plan and prepare for the time when we will be able to provide oral health care again. There is no final opening date or recommendations for practice yet, but, I would like to share what I have been researching, to ensure you that Preventive Dental Hygiene Care will reopen, and you can rest assured that I will be taking every precaution to ensure both of our safety. In the mean time, if you have any questions or concerns about your oral health, you are in need of dental products like xylitol melts, pastes, or gum, DoTerra, or OraWellness products, please contact me at the Smithville location at 905.664.5873, by text or cell at 905.741.6930, or by email at [email protected]                                     I will be posting regular updates on my website while updating it to a new format. If you do have a dental emergency, please consult this list of dentists who have protective equipment and have registered with their College to provide emergency dental care safely.

For tips on keeping your teeth their healthiest over this extended period, here are some great tips!

At this time, most of the research data surrounding Covid-19 remains fragmented, needing further studies to clarify findings. We DO know that the virus can be collected from a sample of air hours after aerosols have been made in an enclosed or unvented area, but further testing must be done to see how long the virus is living and infectious in that state. Because it is so new, there are many unknowns, and for this reason, dental offices can only provide emergency care equipped in full coverage with N95 masks at this time.

Some possible modifications to my offices include;

- Minimal or no time in the waiting room, and longer times in between appointments to reduce chance of overlap

- Screening for Covid-19 symptoms by phone, before the appointment

- Screening for changes in medications or medical history by phone, before the appointment

- Door or drape enclosing treatment area

- Replacement dental chair in Smithville!! (Was planned before closing)

- Safety glasses, diluted hydrogen peroxide rinse, and full body drape may be provided for clients

- I will wear a gown, head cover, surgical mask and clear face shield, and gloves. These will be removed before leaving the treatment area, and no cavitron(electric scaler) or water spray is the current recommendation.

- The treatment area in Smithville is already equipped with an air exchange system, and window for circulation. I am also investigating UVS air purification or treatment systems and/or aerosol removal systems for both offices. The necessity of this equipment still needs to be determined.

For now, much of the needed personal protective equipment (PPE) required is going to places of greater need, is not available, or is available at greatly inflated costs. My office will remain closed until such time that 1.)PPE can be acquired at a reasonable rate, 2.) that the requirements for practicing safely have been solidified by Public Health, and 3.) that I have met or exceeded expectations for safety in my dental practice. 

I hope to see you soon, but in the meanwhile, you can follow me on Facebook at Preventive Dental Hygiene Care, or Preventive Dental Hygiene Care, Smithville. If you feel the need to reach out to someone just to chat, I am here for that too as I do worry about our mental health as time progresses. If you are looking for product recommendations to get you through this time, or are looking for products I have provided for you in the past, please reach out, we can make arrangements to meet your needs.

Stay safe everyone! I’ll be in touch again soon,


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