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A Word About Covid-19


I can't wait to see you and your smile again! 

Clients who have missed their appointment while the offices were closed are encouraged to reach out to book an appointment, especially if you are at risk of periodontal problems and bleeding or sore gingiva. I recognize that some have now postponed their treatment much longer than usual and the cumulative effects of more deposits may be putting some in danger of tooth or implant loss. If you have a concern about your dental health, please call me directly at (905) 664-5873, or email me using the form on the contact page. Please be assured that we are doing our best to call each and every one of you, but please do not wait for a call if you are in need. 

Not knowing who may be carrying Covid-19 means Dental Hygienists must treat everyone as if they have an infection. Dental Hygiene Care naturally releases aerosols into the air over an extended period of time. To care for you safely requires clients wear a mask at the reception area and participate in screening questions, extra protective equipment like gown and shield, extra cleaning time between appointments, and reducing interaction with others. To this end, we offer an enclosed treatment room with air purification, and reduced or eliminated aerosol generating procedures, directly entering the treatment room (limited waiting room access), 

plexiglass at the front desk, and closed doors to reduce air contamination. 

If you have no pain or dental issues but have questions or concerns about your oral health, are in need of dental products 

like xylitol melts, pastes, or gum, DoTerra, or OraWellness products, please 

contact me at the Smithville location at 905.664.5873, 

by text or cell at 905.741.6930, 

or by email at [email protected]

 I will be posting regular updates on my website while updating it to a new format. If you do have a dental emergency, please consult this list of dentists who have protective equipment and have registered with their College to provide emergency dental care safely.

For keeping your teeth their healthiest over this extended period, here are some great tips!

I hope to see you soon, but in the meanwhile, you can follow me on 

Facebook at , or .

Stay safe everyone!